“If Music Be
the Food of Love...
Sing On”

Hire Sounds Sublime

Sounds Sublime

For all occasions requiring a special quality of elegance or a touch of something magical, hire Sounds Sublime to provide the perfect music. Whether it's a corporate or personal concert performance, the charm and delight of the perfect Sounds Sublime blend will add exactly the right music.

Hire Sounds Sublime as a duet ensemble with accompaniment (piano, classical guitar, string orchestra or other, depending upon your projected venue and budget), or hire Ingrid Heyn or Katrena Mitchell as a soloist.

You choose the songs, the duration, the style... or leave the choice to Sounds Sublime.

Book now for the right music for any of the following: Concerts, operatic roles, corporate functions, &c.

For further information about hiring, please feel free to contact Sounds Sublime.

General conditions of hire - download pdf.


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