“If Music Be
the Food of Love...
Sing On”


Garri Editions. High-quality music scores - a wonderful range of anthologies, choral music, serenatas, operas, cantatas, chamber duets, oratorios and instrumental works from the 16th to the mid 19th Century.

CD Baby - Sounds Sublime. It's music that's like slipping into a galaxy of chocolate and Baileys - it's got that great velvet and silk texture, and the hint of bittersweet sensual purity that has enough of a kick to make your soul say, “Mmmmmmmm...” - classical vocal ravishment.

Web Empress. Quality Web Pages... Elegant coding, great design, for people who want uniques websites and a unique online look. Fully W3C-standards compliant. Superb value and quality.

Dragonstar Networks. Easy hosting solutions for website hosting. Free domain name included. Great value for all your online needs with various packages.

Chagall Music. The music, art and lyrics of Chagall Ehret. Ethereal and magical vocals blend with the mystery of flutes and panflutes, fingerstyle guitar, exotic synths and tribal drums.

Soundbooks. Australia's only audiobook shop. Specialists in audiobooks on CD, audiocassette, mp3 and more. The largest range available in the southern hemisphere.

Julie S. Leiby - portfolio. Highly talented graphic artist specialising in photography, graphic design, studio art, 3D, photomanipulation and more.


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