“If Music Be
the Food of Love...
Sing On”

MIDI & mp3 composition
by Ingrid Heyn

Uniquely composed music saved in midi file format, or mp3 file format, for use in websites, presentations, radio plays, films and more.

When you're working in a format that enables or requires multimedia, terrific music can add so much to the final result. If you need something uniquely composed for you, ask Ingrid Heyn to create the music. You can specify duration, instrumentation and mood. If you want the music to be subtle and horrifying, or gentle and relaxing, or smooth and sensuous, or quirky and bouncy... Ingrid will work to present you with the sound that works best.

Due to the unique nature of each particular project, there is no standard price. We suggest you contact Ingrid by email, let her know your budget and the sort of music for which you're looking, and she will give you a tailor-made quotation.

To help you be sure you've made the right choice before going ahead, please listen to the sample files composed by Ingrid Heyn.

All music composed by Ingrid Heyn is © Sounds Sublime, unless specified otherwise. For outright purchase of copyright of a piece composed for you, please specify that in your enquiry.

Price: quotation given upon enquiry.
Time to supply: this depends upon specifications of the project. Minimum time is usually 1 week.
Method of delivery: you can choose to have your project (in midi or mp3 file format) delivered to you on CD, or emailed to you as an attachment. By special arrangement, you may be able to download the file(s) from the Sounds Sublime website (your password would be emailed to you).
Deposit: a minimum deposit of $50.00 must be paid before composition commences.
Returns: due to the nature of electronic material, there are no returns, but if you are not happy with a particular piece of music, you can ask for an alternative version.
Sheet Music: you may wish to purchase the sheet music for a particular composition, particularly if you are using the music for the soundtrack of a film. Please specify upon inquiry if this is so.


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