“If Music Be
the Food of Love...
Sing On”

Singing Lessons
with Ingrid Heyn

Fully qualified singing teacher, A.Mus.A., L.Mus.A., Melb. Uni.

Ingrid Heyn - lyric-dramatic coloratura soprano

Good singing requires a strong vocal technique, solid workmanship in knowing your voice and confidence in how you can use your voice. With a secure technique as your basis, you can control what you do, how you do it, and work out exactly how to interpret the song so that you and the music are working together.

With Ingrid Heyn, learn how to work WITH your voice, rather than against it. If you're willing to put in the training, you will find the real beauty of your unique voice.

Private lessons ensure that your vocal needs are met. You won't be lost in the crowd; you'll receive specific information that helps you to work on the specific needs of your voice.

Students wanting to learn just for the pleasure of singing, or to improve their singing in a choir, or wishing to prepare for solo singing are all welcome.

What level of singing is taught? Ingrid teaches absolute beginners right through to advanced performers wanting to work on specific aspects of their singing. Even if you've never sung before, you can learn to sing.

Do I need to know anything about music already? No. It's useful for you if you can already read music, but Ingrid will teach you if you've never read music before.

How often do I need to practise? The more you practise, the faster you will progress. If you're prepared to put in a minimum of ten minutes a day, you will find you gain control at a steady pace. If you're able to give 30 to 40 minutes a day to practising, you will gain control more rapidly. There's no quick-fix - singing takes time, but it's one of the most incredibly rewarding skills you will ever gain in your life.

Does it matter how old I am? Ingrid does not teach children younger than ten, and students younger than sixteen do require careful work to avoid being pushed into vocal demands for which they are not physically ready. But other than that, there's no limit. Whether you're young or old or anywhere in between, it's still a great time to learn how to teach your voice to obey you and to develop those latent musical abilities.

Limited spaces available for selected students on a one-on-one basis.

Classical training for classic & modern singing
Preparation for exams
Gain musical knowledge
Secure your technique
Develop stage presence
Work on audition pieces

Lesson duration: 40 minutes
Cost per lesson: $35 (incl. G.S.T.)
Location: Warranwood (North Ringwood, Victoria)

Students will be required to purchase the following music books:

26 Italian Songs And Arias with vocal melody, lyrics, piano accompaniment, performance notes and introductory text. Renaissance and Baroque. Text language Italian with English translations. 153 pages. Published by Alfred Publishing.

Bel Canto: A Theoretical and Practical Vocal Method by Mathilde Marchesi. Published by Dover Publications. ISBN 6-223159

Major, Melodic Minor & Harmonic Minor Vocal Scales with CD by Ingrid Heyn. Published by Sounds Sublime - or any equivalent book of vocal scales.

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